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The Missing Link
TwistedFriction: Young. In control of her life. Homeschooled. A senior. A writer. A reader. Loves her friends, loves her family. Is a Christian. Loves her computer, her country, her God. Loves NCIS, Human Target, Harry Potter, Hunger Games and the Bible. Takes writing, spelling, grammar very seriously.
Movies: The Girl Who Leaped Through Time. Push. Conqueror of Shambala. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Coraline. The Dark Knight. TMNT. Pirates of the Caribbean. Lord of the Rings. V for Vendetta. I, Robot. Independance Day. The Count of Monte Cristo. Frequency. Eight Below. Batman Begins. Iron Man. The Chronicles of Narnia. Harry Potter.
Television: NCIS. Lost. 24. House, M.D. Full Metal Alchemist. Heroes
Music Celien Dion. Staind. Breaking Benjamin. Red. Nickelback. Three Doors Down. Foreigner. Queen. Daughtry. Boston. Kansas. Evanescence. Bryan Adams. Lifehouse. Nick Lachey. Def Leppard. The Fray. Rascal Flatts. Hinder. Conjure One. Within Temptation. AFI. Skillet. The Calling.
Books: Harry Potter. Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse. The Seer and The Sword. Kissed by an Angel. Mortal Instruments. Tailchaser's Song. Maximum Ride. Phantom Stallion. Memory, Sorrow, & Thorn. True Colors. Finding Alice. Riddles of Epsilon. Eragon.

Harry Potter: Harry/Ginny. Ron/Hermione. Harry/Hermione. Sirius/Lily. James/Lily.
Twilight: Edward/Bella. Alice/Jasper. Emmett/Rosalie. Jasper/Bella. Jacob/Bella. Jacob/Angela. Jacob/Renesmee.
Heroes: Claire/Zach. Nikki/DL. Mohinder/Mira. Issac/Simone. Sylar/Elle.
Mortal Instruments: Jace/Clary. Simon/Isabelle.
Lost: Sawyer/Kate. Sawyer/Juliet. Sayid/Kate. Jack/Ana-Lucia. Eko/Ana-Lucia. Jack/Juliet. Charlie/Claire. Charlie/Kate. Jin/Sun. Micheal/Sun. Sayid/Shannon.
24: Tony/Michelle. Jack/Audrey. Jack/Nina. Jack/Chloe. Kim/Chase. Chloe/Morris. David/Sherry.
House: House/Cameron. House/Cuddy. Chase/Cameron. Foreman/Cameron.
Pirates of the Carribean: Will/Elizabeth. Jack/Elizabeth. Barbossa/Elizabeth.
Maximum Ride: Max/Fang. Iggy/Ella. Jeb/Valencia. Iggy/Nudge.
Final Fantasy: Zack/Aerith. Cloud/Tifa. Vincent/Yuffie. Tidus/Yuna. Balthier/Ashe. Vaan/Penelo.
Kingdom Hearts: Sora/Kairi. Riku/Kairi. Roxas/Namine. Riku/Namine.
NCIS:Tony/Ziva. McGee/Abby. Gibbs/Shannon. Gibbs/Jen. Gibbs/Kate. Tony/Abby.
Friending: If we have common interests and you wish to friend me, go right ahead. But if you're just looking to get more friends, don't add me.
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